The Snowflakes Transform into Memories Of My Past

As the snow falls from the

Sky, I sit here wondering what

You’re up to in heaven. Do you

Have snow up there? Probably not,

Likely. I bet you miss snow. I can’t

Help myself from remember all of

Our fun times in the snow. If I actually

Think about it, I have had so many wonder-

Ful snow fun with you by my side. For

example, the times you have pushed me

Around in a sled. Or getting lost in the

Snow because I didn’t listen and walking

Out the door before you finished shoveling.

Or even the time, you pulled me in a sled

All the way to the food store. Oh how I love

Snow! And I owe it all to you. You may not

Be around to help me make some snow

Memories for my daughter, but that

Doesn’t mean I can’t. I will make sure

She has memorable snow adventures too.

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