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The Worst Conversation with My Three Year Old So Far

Ugh I dropped my childhood friend and off and passed my childhood house.

Me: I grow up there *pointing to the yellow house on the corner*

Anastasia: where is your family?

Me: They don’t live there anymore.

Ana: Where are they live?

Me: In a place called Heaven. Do you know what that is?

Ana: No I don’t know what is Heaven.

Me: Heaven is a place people go when they pass away.

Ana: what’s pass away?

Me: Not on Earth.

Ana: So died?

Me: Yes, died.

Ana: Mommy never go there.

Me: I will live a long time to bug you.

Ana: Ok. I need you.

Me: I need you. *i cry*

Ana: Mommy, it’s ok. I love you.

Me: I love you too.

The first real and emotional conversation I have had with my daughter. 😞

Ps Ana was referring to my parents as family.<<<<

I never imagined having a conversation with my daughter, but unfortunately it’s my reality. It’s crazy how life can change right in front of our eyes. I honestly thought I had a feel more years until I had to have this conversation. Well, nope it happened and I wasn’t ready. I may have sounds like I was, but nope I was far from ready. I honestly didn’t think a 3 year old would be ready for something like this. My daughter surprised me.

The conversation was definitely super emotional. What makes it worse is that yesterday was 9 years since my father passed away. I was filled with emotional. I wanted to write so badly last night, but nothing sounded right or I started at a blank document trying to search for the right words. My mind must have been too full and lost of words. For some reason, it’s easier to write about my mom. If I try to write about my dad, I can’t seem to seem to get anything out. Maybe, it’s because my mom’s death is still so fresh and new.

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