10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas For Your Gamer Boyfriend Or Hubby

Does your boyfriend love video games? Are you wondering what to get him for Valentine’s Day? If so, I’m here to help.

1) Video games are always the perfect gift.

Of course, a game is a go-to gift. You can’t go wrong with picking up the latest Call of Duty, Destiny, Mass Effect, etc.

2) Pre-Order a game coming out in 2018, so he doesn’t have to worry about paying for it or all of it.

He will love you because games aren’t cheap. You can either pay the game off or just put down $10. Whatever you can afford is fine. He will appreciate the thought and help towards games like Far Cry 5, Spider-Man, Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, etc.

3) Clarence games are a great way to save and not make a hole in your wallet.

If you want to get him a game now or can’t afford a new game, check out the Clarence selection. You never know what you may find. Maybe you can even get a game a two player game, so you can spend time with him doing what he loves. He will enjoy how you’re trying to join in on his hobby. Who knows you may even have fun yourself.

4) A special gamer controller can help him enjoy his games more.

Warning these are pretty pricey. You’re looking at spending about $100 – $500. I would ask him about which controller he’s secretly wishing for and surprise him with that. Try not to give your idea way if possible.

5) A new headset can bring a smile to his face.

Warning another pricey gift idea for your gamer. Headsets can run from $14 – $650. Some are in the $1,000 or more as well. Let’s hope your man isn’t interested in them. Ask him to just make sure. Headsets are also either wireless or have a cord. Double check to see which one he likes better. Also if you get him a good headset, you should prepare yourself for being ignored and having to repeat yourself until he hears you. Don’t worry he doesn’t mean to ignore you or hear you. He’s just hearing his game and friends talking in his ears.

6) A new tv is useful in some many ways.

Most gamers have big screen TVs already. If yours is complaining about his being too small or getting old, this may be the perfect gift. Yes, it’s another expensive gift, but the gamer life isn’t cheap. You should definitely ask questions about this one too, so you know what exactly he’s looking for in a new one. TVs can range from $200 to $1,000+.

7) Funny gamer shirts on Amazon will make him laugh.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune, then check out Amazon. The site has some funny shirts about dating a gamer. He will get a kick out of them. Some of my favorites are “I love it when my girlfriend lets me play video games,” “I can’t adult. I’m gaming,” and “I don’t age. I level up.” It May be late not, but he will love it still.

8) If your boyfriend plays games on his computer, you can get him a gamer mouse.

You may be thinking, why can’t I just get a normal mouse? Because a gamer mouse has more buttons than a normal mouse. It’s cover in buttons to click during games. Honestly, the mouses look confusing and too overwhelming, but gamer guys know exactly what each of the buttons is for while playing his favorite game. Gamer mouses range from $14.99 – $250. You should hit at him which one he’s interested in or look at the one he has now.

9) A gamer keyboard is also perfect for either a computer or console.

Keyboards don’t necessarily have to be a gamer one, but he may love the surprise if you bought one. The main difference between a gamer keyboard a regular is a rubber wrist rest. It’s for when he’s playing for hours and adds comfort will help his wrist from not hurting. Definitely get him this if he’s ALWAYS complaining about his wrist hurts. Also, you can get the keyboards in with colorful backlights. Keyboards range from $20 – $100+.

10) Gift cards for his console’s marketplace or Stream on his computer is a good addition to his gift or last retort if you’re still lost.

You should try to make some kind of effort on his gift before you purchase a gift card. It’s way more personable if you pick something from this list. Nothing wrong with gift cards because then he can fun picking out a game he really wants. Just make sure you give him at least $25, so he’s not paying too much out of his pocket if he gives a new game.

Your gamer guy will thank you for whatever your choice to purchase on this list. He will be happy you’re being supportive of his hobby, even if it makes ignoring you for a little bit.

Now, hurry and get to Game Stop!

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