Valentine’s Day Scars My Heart Without You, Mom

Valentine’s Day is over. I can’t help myself from feeling relieved. I tried to write all day, but I just couldn’t find the words or figure out what to say.

My heart breaks harder on Valentine’s Day more than normal. I miss you so much.

Today’s not the same without you, Mom.

I wish I could call or text you to say I love you and appreciate everything you did for me. But I can’t pick the phone up and hear your voice.

I don’t even remember your voice anymore.

My head spins around in a circle as I listen to other people have plans with their moms. It hurts me so much because I wish we could do something together. I’m not sure if jealous is even the right word. I feel more like I envy others for having their mom to say, “I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

I feel bad for having a good Valentine’s Day without you. I really had a good Valentine’s Day, Mom. I just wish you could have spent it with me. Having you around would have made my Valentine’s Day so much better.

But unfortunately, that’s not the case.

It’s just another Valentine’s Day without you.

I survived another Valentine’s Day without you.

It’s just another day without you.

I can survive more days without you.

It’s just another year without you.

I will push through many more years without you.

I love and miss you, Mommy. Please continue to look down on me and show me you’re still around.

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