14 Unexpected Things In A Mom’s Purse

Everyone always hears about the normal things in a mom’s purse. Have you ever wondered about the unexpected things? Here’s your warning. Kids are full of funny surprises. Be prepared to ask how and why.

  1. Half eaten food, whether it is from snack time or mealtime, somehow most of it made it’ s way into her purse.
  2. Untouched food ends up in her purse as well because maybe the child (children) in her life thought mom would get hungry later on.
  3. Chewed gums on the bottom because mom probably said, throw it out, but her purse seemed like a better place.
  4. Chewed straw from drinks, either at home or restaurants/fast food places, ended up in her purse because where else should they go.
  5. Broken toys because a purse is obviously magical and can fix broken toys if she doesn’t notice.
  6. Agenda books aren’t as common in a world of technology, but a mom may still use one to keep schedules.
  7. Checkbooks aren’t as common as they used to be either.
  8. Tanning oil for a mom if she wants to get her tan on, while she’s out and about or has a day outside planned.
  9. Contact solutions for her child (children) or herself if someone has contacts and has an emergency.
  10. Dirty napkins because things NEVER made it into garbage and mom’s purse will obviously take care of it.
  11. Video game controller just in case you need to kill zombies or for whatever reason her children (child) comes up with.
  12. Leaves/sticks/rocks for safekeeping or, of course when the time is right to surprise mom with nature presents.
  13. Bugs, obviously, to keep as pets or to play a mean prank on mom.
  14. Empty juice boxes because once again, putting something in the garbage is too hard apparently.

The list can go on and on because the truth is children love to surprise their moms by putting the most random things in her purse. Some of the list may not seem unexpected, but times have changed and certain things aren’t as common anymore. Anyways, be cautious before looking inside. Don’t say no one warned you as well.

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