31 Things a Parentless Girl Does Without Thinking

At times, my mind wonders to a state of my mind I don’t understand. Ever since, I lost my parents my mind leaps into an endless pit of misunderstood actions.

  1. I tend to stop listening when someone is talking to me.
  2. I snap for no reason what so ever.
  3. Or I start to cry when something reminds me of my parent(s).
  4. I get way too worked up.
  5. I let my anxiety just take over me.
  6. I open the door to depression when I know I shouldn’t.
  7. I blame everything on myself even I obviously didn’t do anything or start it.
  8. Or even, I don’t see how it’s my fault when it clearly is because of me.
  9. I can’t accept reality and would rather live in a pit of lies.
  10. I ,sometimes, talk without thinking before opening my mouth.
  11. I can’t find the right words when I should be answering back.
  12. Then, I have moments when I talk someone’s ear off.
  13. I let yourself get too lost in memories of my parent(s).
  14. I drown in bad memories of my parent(s).
  15. I block out things I don’t want to remember. Because I only want to remember the good things about my parent(s).
  16. I have panic attack what you have to talk about death itself.
  17. I zone out and forget what’s around you.
  18. I tend to withdraw from everyone in your life.
  19. I don’t have control over my emotions sometimes.
  20. I feel like I don’t exist to love ones and friends.
  21. I get annoyed when someone cares and makes me talk about my feelings.
  22. I get pissed off when someone says all the wrong things to me.
  23. I flip out when I hear trigger words
  24. I have times when I’m mentally, physically, and spiritually broken.
  25. I cry myself to sleep without thinking about it.
  26. I start a fight without knowing I did.
  27. I overthink every little thing and make it worse in my mine.
  28. I start to cry out of nowhere.
  29. I get jealous when I see someone with a mom/dad.
  30. I get jealous when I hear someone talk about her mom/dad.
  31. I barely know why or how come I do these things. I’m sorry if I hurt you. My mind just runs 100 mph sometimes. And I can’t keep up.

Please don’t give up on me. I need you by my side to help me out of this mess and while I grieve for my parents.

Check out my page, Kimi Ann-Marie for various of posts about life, mom life, and grieving. Check out my page, Positive Thinking About Parents Death for grieving advice about your mom or dad and reminding yourself you’re not alone.

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