To The Mom, Struggling With The Threeanger Roller Coaster

Three is the best and worst age. It’s the best because of your three-year-old surprise you with actual conversations and learning new things like sponges. The worst hits you like a pile of bricks because tantrums are with actual words and emotions haven’t exactly been conquered yet, so life is a little challenging. You never know what mood your threeanger is going to wake up in. Your life is like a roller coaster of untold emotional mysteries. This is for the mom struggling with the threeanger roller coaster.

Most days are absolutely amazing. Your threeanger listen to everything you say without a problem. He or she puts shoes on without a resisting you. No fighting with putting dishes away. Your threeanger plays by himself or herself without bugging you to join. He or she is also doing things without asking you to help every second, which means can get things done! Your threeanger wants to help and actually listens to directions. It’s s good day!

On the worst days, you feel drained and out of power when everything makes a complete turnaround. You can help but think where did your sweet little girl or boy go? You had no problems yesterday, but today it’s like you everything you say is going in one ear and flying straight around the room. Your words bounce around in your head over and over again as if you’re a song on repeat. Your threeanger is just having a rough day with everything under the sun.

Moms, sometimes, forgets threeangers are allowed to have bad days too. Yes, his or she can turn everything around in a split second, but just remember how off you feel on some days. That’s exactly how you’re child is feeling. The huge difference is your three year olds don’t understand emotions too well yet or how to control them. It’s easy to forget because you’re getting lost in the screaming of words and feelings powerless.

Forget about the eyes on you during a public tantrum. Don’t let the whispers ruin your day. The best thing you can do is trying to talk to your toddler. If that doesn’t work then, get ready and leave the solution. Sometimes if your threeanger is away from the solution, it can help him or her cool down and move on. If that doesn’t work, then just go home and get out of complete. You should be prepared for another tantrum because it’s possible that just the day you’re having with your kid(s) today. During all of this, try to keep your cool.

Look, I completely understand how overwhelming a screaming toddler can, but if he or she sees you calm it will help in the long run. I must have to admit this is my downfall as a Mom. I just feel out of control and overwhelming because I just want my threeanger to be happy. That’s when I have to remind myself she’s just having an off day and it’s normal. That’s exactly what we all have to do.

Yes, sometimes, your bad days will clash but that’s when you have to push through the day because tomorrow is a new day. Your kid and you can make up for the craziness today brought.

So take a deep breath. Remember to be there for your little one on the bad and good days. That’s what your threeanger needs from you as his or her mom.

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5 thoughts on “To The Mom, Struggling With The Threeanger Roller Coaster

  1. This is a great perspective! I, too, have a 3 year old and there is definitely a balance of good and bad days. But remembering where the 3 year old is developmentally is a huge help.

    I’m doing a series on surviving toddlerhood this month and next and would love, with your permission, to share this post during this time.

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    1. Thank you! I wrote this after a REALLY bad public tantrum on Friday. She hasn’t had one since one. 😅 … I needed to remember myself that she’s only 3 and still learning how to handle her emotions. It’s been a struggle with frustration and anger lately. 😅😰

      Yes absolutely! Toddler moms need to stick together. The struggle is real! Don’t forget to tag me. 🙂

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      1. Wow, that’s an impressive amount of time to go between public tantrums! This can be such a difficult age, but we really just have to remember where they are in life. Hope it gets better for you!

        Thank you! And we really do need to stick together! I will absolutely be linking back to your blog. I’ve really been enjoying it, and my heart really does go out to you!

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      2. Oh she has have public tantrums at 2, but not as bad as Friday. I could deal with the 2 year old ones. I do too. This mommy needs a break!

        You’re very welcome.

        Aw thank you 😊. Everything is a struggle, but writing helps and knowing someone enjoys my blog means a lot. You made my day! 💜

        Oh and I’ve been enjoying yours as well. 😊

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