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Stop What You’re Doing Now And Check Glim Gals

I have recently discovered Glim Gals through a friend of mine who’s a consultant. Glim Gals is an online jewelry company with very stunning jewelry. It’s different from Paparazzi because you can buy a monthly subscription to have jewelry send to your house the first week of the month. The price of the monthly subscription is $22.99, which can includes a necklace, bracelet, hair chips, and earrings. The best part is every package is different. Glim Gals always sells girls jewelry, so don’t forget to asks about that if you have a little girl! The jewelry is also nickel free, which matters to someone like me who’s allergic to nickel.

I opened my box and was blown away on how glamorous all the pieces turned out to be. I received earrings, two bracelets, ring, and a necklace. The color of the jewelry was a perfect purple and stood out to me

As you see above, the jewelry is gorgeous. It pops out at you and draws you in. You can’t help but take a few moments to glares at each piece. I’m love with the way everyone looks together as well. The pieces are surely matches made in heaven.

The jewelry evens come in a cute bag to keep everything in. It’s a perfect size for storage and fits everything into neatly with individual bags.

I also received kids jewelry for my daughter. She’s three and getting into jewelry, so this was perfect for her. She got three bracelets with flowers, hearts, and cute beads. My daughter fell in love with the bracelets immediately. She loved the bright colors and how she could them on myself without a problem. I kept hearing how much she loves the bracelets. She can’t leave the house without them now.

I would highly recommend Glim Gals to others because the jewelry is to die for and worth the subscription. I promise if you sign up you will not be sorry! Go sign up now!!!

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