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When Depression Come Knocking on Your Door

If there’s one thing that I learned about depression is take mental health day and do something by yourself. Because sitting home on a foggy day only makes your thoughts wonder inside a fog.

You need to take time for yourself, so your mind feels your worth and reminds all the good things in your life.It’s okay to be sad but not so down that you feel drained of lost. Time to yourself will clear your head.

When I get depressed, my mind has three stages. Each of the stages grows over time. Sometimes, it can be a quickly as days or more space like weeks.

1) I’m feeling normal but a little off.

During this stage, I can function during the day. I’m not feeling depressed or cloudy. It just feels like I’m having an off day and everything’s going wrong. I have handle this stage because it’s the closest to normal.

2) Depression starts growing into of me.

I feel the presence of a dark cloud forming inside of me. My mind is starting to make me overthinking everything in my life, but I can focus. It’s not taking over yet. I’m just feeling strange.

3) The dark cloud of Depression is here.

Everything is going wrong. I’m beating myself up over what’s happening and blaming myself. I’m walking around in a daze trying to focus, but it’s not happening. I feel as if I’m looking down on my life hating everything. I lock up and don’t talk much because I’m lost in my thoughts.

Once I hit stage 3, I know it’s time to take some time for myself or do something relaxing. I love to read books when I’m feeling depressed because then I can escape into another world and forget my own problems. I also love to write about how I’m feeling because it lets out all the feeling I’m having inside without talking.

If either of them work, I go shopping by myself and just take some time out of the house. Shopping helps because not only am I doing something I love but I’m not focusing on what happening in my life. I’m thinking about what I want versus need during my shopping trip.

Running is also another way I release my depression on the cloudy days. I put on my running shoes and music on then run depression out of my brain.

Depression lefts and I feel like myself again. I start loving life again. I know depression will be back until then I’m going to remember all the things I do have rather than what I don’t have.

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