10 Bitter, Sweet Pep Talks Every Mom Needs From Her Mom Bestie

A Mom friend is hard to find. Mom best friend is even harder to find. She keeps you on your toes when motherhood just sucks. She praises with you when your kid(s) does something for the first time. But most importantly, she’s always here to give you the pep talk you need to keep going and not giving up, even when things go to shit.

  1. She reminds you that you can still function after a sleepless night.
  2. She helps you realize tantrums will pass and to hang in there.
  3. She listens then tells to stop bitching and do something about it.
  4. She tells you all the things you don’t want to hear.
  5. She makes sure you know how great of a mom you are.
  6. She lifts you up when you want to give up.
  7. She gives you tips after all of your rants.
  8. She holds up the umbrella on the “bad” days.
  9. She helps you celebrate the “good” days.
  10. She reminds you every kid is different and you at his or her pace.

Moms give pep talks all day and night, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t need them too. She longs for someone to be there for her and guide her when motherhood takes a tow on her.

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  1. Renee Rocco says:

    I’m lucky in that I have mom friends who talk me off the cliff on the more…trying…of days! But you’re right. Mom best friends are super hard to find.


    1. I do too. Motherhood is so much easier with mommy friends. 🙂


  2. So so hard to find a good one, but when you do it’s just that more special ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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