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Muddle and Match Imagine Review – Usborne Books & More

Muddle and Match Imagine

By: Stephanie Hinson

Age: 3+

Hardback: 16 pages

ISBN: 978-1-61067-289-4

Price: $8.99



*About the Book*

Muddle and Match Imagine is one out of nine books in an activity series. The book contains eight characters with multiple stories. You can either read the normal storyline or mix and match to create a new ones. It’s fantastic how the characters’ stories make up different hilarious stories. The stories also somehow go together so well if you take the time and think about them. Muddle and Match Imagine’s characters are a princess, fairy, mermaid, superhero, explorer, witch, cowgirl, and ballerina.

Kids can have a blast making up stories with you or even alone. The characters also look ridiculous as well. It’s a very fun and hilarious book for some laughter on a successful day.

As a parent, the book will make you laugh and see a little lightbulb of creativity shine in your kid’s or kids’ eyes. You will most definitely be laughing along with your little one(s). It’s a great way to spend time with other without the tv on.

*Our Reactions*

My daughter loves making stories with her Muddle and Match book. She loves to make up stories while she’s pooping. She also loves to make up stories with mommy and daddy. She even made up goofy stories to “read” to her stuff animals and dolls. It’s too cute listening to coming up with stories from the pictures. My daughter has Imagine and Jungle Animals. We used Jungle Animals for potty training because sitting and waiting wasn’t an option if we didn’t have books are games.

I really don’t know how I would have survived potty training without these goofy books. I’m also enjoying hearing her making up stories on the potty to this day. It’s incredible how the series still entertain her while she’s waiting. I got my daughter Imagine in February because she’s obsessed with mermaids. I don’t regret getting her this book at all. It’s a great addition to our library and potty books collection.

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