It’s My Birthday!

Today is my 29th birthday. I’m not sure how I feel about this. It’s my last year in my 20s. I don’t want to be 30 next year! Ugh, can I just be 22 forever! I loved 22. I just graduated from college, my mom was alive, my boyfriend throw me an epic party, and 22 even have a song called “Feeling 22” by Taylor Swift. What does 29 have? NOTHING cool like a song. It’s so boring and scary. How am I supposed to happy when my almost 30! I’m so close now. I seriously want to cry like this emoji —-> 😭.

I swear my daughter is more excited than I am! 😅 … okay well I’m going to cry a river now!

One thought on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. I’m 2 years older than you and, honestly, I don’t feel any different! But sometimes I like to think I’m older and wiser and people should listen to me now that I’m wise in my 30s, but that’s probably just a lie, haha!

    Enjoy this last year of your 20s, though I think it’s possible to stay in your 20s in your soul forever. Or so older people who keep celebrating a 20-something birthday seem to make us believe.

    Happy birthday!


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