Why I Let My Daughter Play in Puddles And Mud

Rain days are so boring because you can’t do much and get wet if you do. It’s such a depressing day, especially with a toddler. This is why I let my daughter play in puddles.

My daughter and I get under each other’s skin on rain days. I don’t know if it’s because of no sunlight or what but all we do is get annoyed with each other. It makes rain days worst on top of my already gloomy attitude. My daughter must get the same way because it’s a train wreck in our house.

After a whole day of being locked inside, we must go outside. Or should I say weeks of on and off rain like this year in New Jersey? I don’t care if puddles are everywhere. I don’t care if there’s wind. I don’t care if the sun is only out a little bit. We’re going outside!

My daughter has always loved going outside the day after a rainstorm because of the puddles and just getting out. I still remember the look on her when she first saw a puddle and told her to jump in it. She’s been hooked ever since. She jumped in her first puddle when she was almost 1 1/2 years old. Her first puddle smile still warms my heart. Maybe, it’s love at first sight.

Am I worried? No way, because she’s outside having fun and being a kid. I don’t understand the fuss over not letting a kid play in puddles. It’s innocent fun after being in the stuck inside all day. Yeah, my daughter gets wet and super dirty but she’s three. I’m letting her enjoy nature and playing outside like kids her age should be doing.

I know. I know. Rainwater is dirty and gross. But you know what, I put all that aside and let her play in puddles because she deserves to enjoy the little things in life. The best part is my daughter isn’t afraid of getting dirty either. She may love pink, nail polish, shirts, and dresses but in love with puddles and mud too. She’s not your typical little girl because I let her play in the mud and puddles. Well, I like to tell myself this at least.

I would love to know how parents keep their kids out of puddles. My daughter would most definitely have a tantrum or ask “Why” over and over again! Maybe it’s because I have already allowed her to jump in them and she’s hooked now. I wish I knew these parents’ secret some days.

My daughter and I also made mud pies today. I asked her to try and make one herself. She actually did make a mud pie without my helping. I’m still shocked because normally she’s always asking for help. Three made give me tons of headaches but it’s also incredible too.

But I don’t regret letting my daughter play in puddles or mud because watching her play is so worth the cleanup. She looks as if nothing else matters in the works. I enjoy every moment of it today.

Do you let your kids play in puddles?

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10 thoughts on “Why I Let My Daughter Play in Puddles And Mud

  1. She sounds just like my mom! Growing up, my mom always pretended not to know what an umbrella was and always found all the puddles before us. My son is the complete opposite. He will jump over puddles and anything remotely yucky and sometimes screams if he gets dirty and I don’t clean him right away. I often wonder where this child came from.

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      1. Haha, he totally is! I ask almost daily where he came from. My mom doesn’t do a lot of jumping anymore, but she’s still a pro at finding those puddles!

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