Good bye 2018. HELLO 2019!

Dear 2018,

You have taught me so much about myself.

I have learned that it’s ok to go out of my comfort zone and try something new. I have to spoke my mind rather than bottle how I truly feel because it’s not healthy. I learned how not to drain myself emotional in the beginning of May when it’s my mom’s and dad’s birthday. I’m starting to just live and notice what I need to work on for a better me. I leaned I have to fight for what’s right for my little family instead of always worrying about ours because at the end my little family is what I live for every day. I have been thrown over my limit a few times this year, but I got right back up and kept going (most of you don’t know this or why). I learned it’s okay to get upset but you can’t go overboard because it just emotional drains you and everyone around you.

I also met some incredible new friends who have inspired me in different ways. I can’t forget about my friends who continue to put up with me year after year because they’re the true ones in my life. Thank you to all of you (you know who are you are!)

I have grown my blog into something I’m proud of calling mine. It has helped me get through some bad times and helped outs. I can’t wait to continue to gain more readers and see what my blog begins this year.

Overall 2018, you were a good year!

I just can’t wait to see what 2018 begins me. I’m ready.

With Love and Peace ✌🏻 out!

My New Year resolution is to continue to stay strong for my daughter and hubby, finding a balance to make my family and I happy, work on building my blog, publish a memoir, publish a children’s book (almost done with this goal), and staying positive.

What’s your New Year resolution?

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