My Daughter’s Imaginary Friend

The time has come where my daughter made up an imaginary friend. She’s an only child. I’m a stay at home, so I just can’t play with her all the time. It’s just not possible if I want a clean house, clean dishes, or get other house chores. Also for my one sanity, I just can’t do it. My daughter’s imaginary friend isn’t something I’m worried about because it’s developing her creative and keeping her entertained.

I’m not worried at all. I’m also not going to take that away from her. Why? Because I don’t think it’s a problem unlike some parents do. I think of it as her trying to figure out the world and simply keeping her entertained when mommy (especially me) and daddy are busy. I also think it’s really important for her to envisage what she wants in a friend before she starts Kindergarten next year or Preschool (if our township hurries up with the free preschool program) because then she will know who to get close with or not too. Yes, she does have a handful of friends now but only one is going to be in her school and she’s going to be a 1st grader or 2nd grader (again, depending on when she starts public schooling). I want her to know what she wants in a friend. I believe an imaginary friend can do just that for her while she’s still home with me.

I know what you’re thinking. Am I worried my daughter is talking to a ghost? Honestly, no I’m not because we have discussed ghost before and she knows they’re reals (yes I do believe they are). I believe in ghost for two reasons … 1) both of my parents are dead as you know. 2) I used to see ghosts when I was little as well (I did all the way up to before my daughter was born). So no, I’m not sacred and prepared for another important conversation with my daughter. I’m ready for her to tell me if her imaginary friend is real or fake. The friend is still new but it sticking around unlike the others she made up before.

My daughter’s imaginary friend’s name is Alice. She has black, wavy hair. Her eyes are green. She’s 6 years old. She’s a shy little girl but is starting to open up to her. Her imaginary friend is starting to be around the house everywhere. I have to watch where I sit now because I never know where Alice is sitting. I make sure to ask my daughter where she is throughout the day. My daughter loves talking about her “new friend” to me. I’m actually really enjoying hearing her talk about this little girl she made up.

Last week, we had a talk about she wants in a friend because she having trouble deciding what she wants in a friend. I totally understand that because even as an adult I struggle with this. Friendships are a piece of work. I thought for a second and told her, Think about a person who makes you laugh, brings you up when you’re down, but at the same time not afraid to tell you to when you’re wrong, listens to your words, and lastly, someone who wants to play/hang out with you. I met that because it’s all true. I know I’m not perfect as a friend but that’s what I try to be to the one I do have. Yes, I get pissed off and say things I don’t mean all the time, but HEY I can at least admit I was wrong when I know what I said was called for. Okay, sometimes, I don’t admit I’m wrong or want to say sorry if I did hurt other people. I’m only human. I’m working on ALWAYS “Manning up to my mistake and/or words” (or should I say “Woman-ing up”) and trying not hurt others with my words. Alright, I’m getting WAY off topic here. I’m sorry.

My point of the conversation with my daughter happened like I mentioned before she didn’t know what she wanted in a friend. I give her what I thought and she came up with Alice’s new personality. Alice started off as a shy, mean girl who didn’t want to play with her EVER. She was then transformed into a sly little who just needed to warm up to my daughter. She needed to know my daughter will be there for her and play with her. Then, the magic happened “the two of them” started to play and share perfectly. Apparently, Alice and my daughter are building a tree house for her dolls with blocks soon. The girls are thinking about how and may need my hubby’s or my help. I’m curious to see how the plans are going and what the tree house is going to look like.

That’s all I have on her imaginary friend. I will make sure I write a new blog post of anything changes with her friend. Let’s hope it’s just an innocent little kid playmate who isn’t real.

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5 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Imaginary Friend

  1. I had an imaginary friend – a middle aged ghost who wore a bowler hat and the And who might still be hanging around my parents’ house – and have find memories of that time. Not every child has one, but I think they’re wonderful. Someone who is always there for you, who encourages you, plays with you, provides companionship, and so much more. It’s amazing how much life a child can breathe into an imaginary friend. I get why some parents are against them, but I also think they have the ability to share something about the child that he or she can’t, and I also really wish my son would create one so he’s not so seriously dependent on the rest of us.

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  2. So my child who is now 12 has had several imaginary friends over their life. I have indeed engaged in an argument with one of them, who insisted they had given permission to my child to stay up til midnight each and every night…now that was an interesting third party argument. I love the idea of them. They have kept my single child entertained and amused – including the time my child decided we weren’t their parents, and insisted that he and Rexy were going to live with his parents. Which again amounted to me having a long third party conversation about why that might not be a great idea, as Rexy’s parents were airline pilots who lived on the Moon….

    I think we parents have to remember, to treasure our creative children, not destroy them. They’re going to be the ones who will inherit the mess we’re leaving the planet in, and they will need every inch of creativity to get themselves out of it…… Great post!

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