To My Dad On The 10th Father’s Day Without Him

Dear Dad,

Happy 10th Father’s Day in heaven. I can’t believe it’s been a decade since we have spend a Father’s Day together. It’s crazy to think you have missed so many Father’s Day.

I miss you terribly and wish you were here instead of in Heaven.

Unfortunately, I can’t bring you back as much as I would love to have you here today. I’m surprisedly okay though after 10 years without you here on Father’s Day.

I know you’re better off in Heaven because you were so sick most of my life. Maybe, that’s why I’m okay with you being gone since I know you suffered for such a long time. I hated seeing you suffer over the years. The pain scared my heart and memories. I can’t think about certain periods of my life because your cancer fogs up my memories.

I wish I could remember what happened our last Father’s Day together but I can’t seem to remember anything. Unfortunately, it’s the truth and breaks my hearts deeply. I feel as if all of our Father’s Days together are just mashed into one potato pancakes.

Oh, and I believe you helped my daughter get into preschool so thanks you for that. I really appreciate it. My daughter wants to go to school like her friends.

I want to let you know I’m only doing okay because of my boyfriend and his dad. They’re such a blessing to me. The both of them have done so much for me these last 9 years. I have no idea how to thank them for filling in the gap I have for you. Of course, no one will replace you. It’s just nice to have to guys in my life who would do anything for me. I love them both so much. I’m truly grateful for both of them. I wish you could meet them but unfortunately that’s not the case. I hope you see from heaven how much they’re there for me.

I love you and miss you.


Your Cookie Monster

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