Why Lion Guard Doesn’t Make Sense If You Watched All The Lion King Movies

I wrote this since the new Lion King movie coming out and my daughter is OBSESSED with both.

In 2016, Disney made a continuation to the movie series. You know how you always wonder what life who really do like if Simba was King of Pride Lands, well you don’t have to wait anymore. Disney has finally filled in the gaps. Well, sorta, of course, they still leave us in the dark. Oh and Lion Guard is on Disney Junior, so unless you have a kid, you have never heard about it.

Where in the world does Kion fit in the movies?

The truth is we don’t know where exactly Kion fits in the timeline. Disney hasn’t technically answered his question yet, but somewhat fill in the gaps. I saying technically in Season 1, episode 20, “Lion of the Outlands” because there’s an episode where Kion means Kiara’s friend/lover, Kovu, in the outlands when his hyena friend, Jasiri, comes to the Pride Lands for the Kion’s help with other lions. Kion knows nothing about “the other lions” until Kovu mentions he know Kiara. Kovu’s mom also fills Kion in about Scar’s conversation to her family.

That’s honestly when it all kinda clicked with me, but I’m still wondering how the Lion Guard fits in with the series. This is important to Kion’s character because it explains the traditional leader of the Lion Guard’s famous roar. Scar lose his roar because he used it on other lions. Kovu’s Mom enforces this because she’s trying to scare Kion into using the roar against her family and her. Don’t worry she lied.


Kion’s sister, Kiara, has a full movie about her, but what where was Kion the whole time.

No one really knows and Disney isn’t making any sense with their theories. Some people think he’s just chilling in the lion den or either on a lion guard missions in Lion King 2. My guess is his lack of appearance during everything Disney showed us his place in the family.

Another theory is Kion died before he reaches teenagers and adult years because of his risky job. I’m hoping this isn’t true for my daughter’s sake because she loves Kion. We all know how Disney secretly loves to ruin our lives by killing a character like Musfa or making a character absence because he or she died like in Beauty & the Beast (1991).


The estimated age difference between Kion and Kiara.

This is a confusing one because it’s another thing Disney isn’t really saying. It’s obviously Kiara is the eldest because she’s the next in line to rule the Pride Lands, which leaves Kion to be the leader of the Lion Guard. That’s what the youngest sibling becomes at some point. We still don’t technically know the true age difference between them or if they’re twins and Kiara was born first.


Are there any compares made in the show itself?

I mentioned in #1 about Kion meeting Kovu in Season 1, Episode 20, but is there more? Yes in Season 2, Episode 5 “The Rise of Scar,” another confusing connection is made to the movies. Okay, so Scar is back as a spirit in the lava. You know how Musfa appeared in the clouds to Simba. Well think about that but in lava form. Anyways, he’s making trouble once again in the outlands and having his followers stir things up in the Pride Lands. This connection is different than the Kovu one because after this episode Scar’s apparition is in every episode following it. He’s become a huge part of the Lion Guard series. I’m honestly terrified of this because what if they are going to kill off Kion with Scar’s return or worse Scar’s going to kill Simba. Who knows what Disney has up their sleeves, but I just have a bad feeling.


What are we still missing after the comparison?

I know even know where to begin because it’s only Season 2 and everything is still up in the air. The reality is the true connection between the movies and show is nonexistent or “the limit does not exist” like Cady says in the Mean Girls.


Okay, okay, if I truly have to answer, I’ll give you my personal theory on the connection. My main theory is Kion wasn’t in the Lion King 2 because Disney wanted to only focus on Kiara. After all, Lion King 2 is technically Kiara’s story, not Kion’s. So they left him out simply because they wanted us to only focus on Kiara’s view rather than mixing in a sibling. If you think about it, this idea makes sense because adding another main character who could confused the heck out of us. Okay, well maybe not completely thrown you off, but for the most part, Kiara’s story could have turned out differently or Kion could have ruined his sister’s life. I also think maybe Disney didn’t want to just throw Kion in the movie before they knew exactly how his character should be. Or maybe, they never knew he existed themselves and now they’re trying to figure out the connection along with us.


Let’s face it Disney will always leave us hanging!

Look you know this isn’t the first time Disney left us hanging by the thread of questions. Like what the heck happened to Elisa’s and Ana’s parents? Did they die on their ship voyage? Was the Mom secretly pregnant with Tarzan or going to visit Rapunzel? Where was the heck they going? Why don’t we know any of this? Will we never know? Okay, sorry, but you see my point? Disney is the master of leaving us in the dark.

Hopefully Lion Guard in upcoming episodes and season we get more clues and possible answers to what the heck is going on. Disney can’t stay this way forever right? Ugh, I sure hope not.

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