The Joy Of Finally Seeing My Two Favorite Bands Live

People always asked me how I survived darkest days growing up. I never really knew what they met until I became an adult and reflected on my life. Music saved me. I remind always listening to two specific bands growing up, which are Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. The lyrics of their songs spoke to me in ways no other band when I felt lost or like killing myself. I always went to see both of them alive but even time I tried to go something else always came up and I couldn’t go. Well, the time has come; I finally saw my two favorite bands live.

My pre teen and teenager years were not like others because I grew up with my father’s cancer. I wondered about whether or not my father would surived all his treatments, while other girls my age wondered about who they liked or where the parties were at. In middle school, my life rotated around going to track practice and visiting my dad in the hospital. I remember feeling lost and numb more than half of the time. My high school content of track, my father’s monster after cancer, more cancer, and my own demons. By the time I was in high school, my depression got worse and nothing felt normal.

Then, I discover Breaking Benjamin in my freshman year of high school. They just started as a band at the time and no one knew who they were, but I didn’t care since the lyrics touched me. Home, Wish I May, and Sugarcoat hit my heart. I started listening to them whenever I needed hope and wanted to end my life. The songs helped me realize I’m not alone and someone out there cares. Depression made me think no one cares about me even if deep down inside I knew it wasn’t the truth. Breaking Benjamin helped me get out of the darkness.

Around the same time, I discover Three Days Grace. The first song I heard was Just Like You. The lyric touched me because living with my Dad’s cancer and his monsters destroyed me. I remember hearing the song and screaming, “Yes this is exactly how I feel,” at my computer. Not a lot of people know what my Dad put my family through behind closed doors. Well, it was a living hell. The song helped me realize I don’t have to be like him just because he’s my father. I’m not perfect and have my sip ups but I made a vow to myself to not be like him. Like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace guided one out of my darkest days when no one else seemed to do.

Both bands survived my life multiple times. I could never thank them enough. Their songs helped me during the cancer and after my father died. I really don’t know where I would be without either of these bands.

On Friday, August 9th, I FINALLY saw Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace live for the first time. Both bands performance kept me singing along and moving. The long wait was definitely worth it. I felt as if I was on cloud nine and didn’t get off it yet.

I made a connection with the year I finally saw my two favorite bands ended up being the same year as my father’s ten year death anniversary. I guess you can say it was just meant to be since both of them have helped me when I lived with my father’s cancer.

Thank you for your music, Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace!

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