The Joy Of Finally Seeing My Two Favorite Bands Live

People always asked me how I survived darkest days growing up. I never really knew what they met until I became an adult and reflected on my life. Music saved me. I remind always listening to two specific bands growing up, which are Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace. The lyrics of their songs spoke … Continue reading The Joy Of Finally Seeing My Two Favorite Bands Live


Not a Mom Blog

Mommy Monday Guest post:

I couldn’t agree more! I don’t want to be just another Mom blog, or motherless blog , or fatherless blog! I want my blog to be about my life and everything in it. You may call this a hot mess, but it’s my choice not yours!

The Lily Cafe

This isn’t a mom blog. But it is. Yet it isn’t. Believe it or not, I really am this indecisive!

But let me start by talking about boxes. Not physical boxes. The figurative boxes we put people into. This is really just a mental shortcut, an easy and effortless way to organize the world around us. But it oversimplifies things and misses the details that make all the difference.

Growing up, I was always put into boxes, boxes that were far from accurate. But I went along because I was afraid of revealing my true colors. Of letting people get close. Until college. I remember when I was selecting which one to attend. I was constantly drawn to the material of the one I ultimately chose. There was a student talking about thinking outside the box. Their response? “What box?” I wanted to go there. Then I took it a…

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