Don’t Learn To Move On; Learn to Cope With A Mom’s Death

Moving on after a Mother’s death isn’t possible because you can never “move on.” The pain is too deep to so call “move on” from.

To The Girl Who Watched Her Mom/Dad Fight Cancer For Years

No one understands the pain you suffered for years. They will never understand what it’s like to watch a parent suffer right in front of his or her eyes. They aren’t the ones who spend most of his or her childhood worrying about what you had to deal with over and over again. You never…

To A First Time Mom Grieving While Pregnant

Pregnancy is supposed to be this wonderful experience you share with your mom. But what happens if your mom dies while you’re pregnant? You’re already feeling super emotional all the time and now you’re a first time Mom grieving for your mom. It doesn’t matter how far along you are or how old you are….

7 Struggles Of Raising A Child When You’re A Motherless Mom

A woman’s worst nightmare is to raise a child(ern) without her mother alive to ask for help or advice. Why? Well, the continence questioning of what should I do, what would my mother do, is this even right, how do I handle (insert problem), and whom do I turn to. Yes, every mom questions her…

Valentine’s Day Scars My Heart Without You, Mom

Valentine’s Day is over. I can’t help myself from feeling relieved. I tried to write all day, but I just couldn’t find the words or figure out what to say. My heart breaks harder on Valentine’s Day more than normal. I miss you so much. Today’s not the same without you, Mom. I wish I…