To My Best Mommy Friend Who Lost Her Father To Covid-19

I’m so sorry for your loss. I never wanted you to understand the pain I do every day so soon. I may know what it’s like to lose a father, but I can’t even imagine the pain you’re feeling right now. It’s a greater pain than I will ever feel because COVID-19 took him from…

COVID19 Makes Me Feel Like I’m Living in a Horror Movie

I talked about how Coronavirus is affecting my daughter in a blog post. In this one, I’m going to share how it’s affecting me. I really don’t know where to begin. I’m STILL trying to process everything. When I feel like I am, another rule or restriction pops up for us to follow. It’s overwhelming….

5 Positive Things About Quarantine

I know what you’re thinking. Is she crazy? Quarantine sucks! I don’t see anything positive about this time. Okay, YEAH IT SUCKS! I hate being stuck in the house with the fear of going food shopping for my family. I hate wearing a mask. I could go on and on, but that’s for another post….

Quiet Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

My daughter and I took a walk around our neighborhood yesterday. Well, she drove her scooter and I walked. She didn’t sleep well and extra moody, so I decided to take her out for some fresh air. She always needs fresh air on her grumpy days. She especially needs time outside even more during quarantine….

Letter To My Daughter During Quarantine Spring Break

Dear Little Princess, I love you more than you may know. You’re my light when everything is dark in my life. Quarantine hasn’t changed this because you still are my light during this dark time. I’m writing you this letter because I can’t get over how much you’re missing during this time. This year didn’t…

Spring Feels Broken This Year

I normally love spring. It always makes me happy and reminds me of the true meaning of beauty. The tree are blossoming. Flowers are popping up. Spring is here, but this year is different. Everything is falling apart. Nothing is the same. COVID-19 is taking away the meaningful things about Spring that I love and…

How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Affecting My Daughter’s Life

Coronavirus took over New Jersey and hit us hard. Our lives have never been the same since then because so much has changed. I’m trying to explain to a five year old what’s going on when the truth is that I don’t even know. The Coronavirus is seriously so confusing to explain when so many…