To All The Wine Lovers, Pick Your Man Like Your Taste In Wine

When you’re a girl who loves wine, it’s all you think about. You hate it, but you compared the taste of wine to everything. Wine is life when you love it. So, why not compare your love life to three main taste of wine bitter, dry, and sweet. I don’t know what kind of wine…

Eight Years Ago Today, I Started Dating My Soulmate

The best moments in my life feel as if they just happened yesterday, but time has a different plan. It’s flying by before I even blink. Life goes on as my memories hang up in a line through my mind. One of my favorite memories is eight years ago when I started dating my soulmate….

To the Guy Who Loves a Girl With A Parent In Heaven

The relationship between a child and her parent is unlike any other. This is the person who teaches her how to love, how to handle herself when she feels entirely overwhelmed, and how to stand up for herself like no other. And since losing them, they’ve inadvertently taught her how to survive on her own….