Trigger Point Words After Losing My Parents

Death doesn’t scare me. I have experience way more death cases than I like to share with people. My life has always been surrounded by funerals and grieving for a love one. You see, my grandparents died before I turned three then after that aunts and uncles died one after another. Friends passed away too….

Letter To My Dad On His 10th Birthday In Heaven

Dear Dad, Has it really been 10 years since we last celebrated your birthday together? I just can’t wrap my head after it. Where did the time go? How it the world has it been so long? I’m trying to stay strong, but I can’t. The tears are coming down as I’m writing this. I…

The Struggle Of Being Parentless During The Holidays

Everyone talks about being Motherless or Fatherless during the Holiday season. But what about the Parentless? No one seems to cover us! Well, I’m going to change that with this article. The struggle of being parentless during the Holidays is real and a painful, nightmare.  Emotions surround me as soon as Thanksgiving hits since it’s…

Letter To My Dad On His Birthday

Dear Dad, It’s your birthday. I can’t help but wonder what you would want or how we would celebrate. Would I be cooking you dinner at my house? Would I bake or buy you a cake for you? It’s a mystery I will never be able to crack. I can’t even remember the last birthday…

To the Guy Who Loves a Girl With A Parent In Heaven

The relationship between a child and her parent is unlike any other. This is the person who teaches her how to love, how to handle herself when she feels entirely overwhelmed, and how to stand up for herself like no other. And since losing them, they’ve inadvertently taught her how to survive on her own….