Twelve Years Without My Dad

Today is the day. My dad’s 12th death anniversary is here. I’m feeling okay. I guess. The numbness is here but not as bad as it normally is on his death anniversary. I don’t know why. I feel fine. It’s only the morning. I know I have the whole day to get through still. Hopefully,… Continue reading Twelve Years Without My Dad

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Christmas With A Six Year Old During The Pandemic

Christmas time is very dear to my heart because my parents loved everything about the holiday. I have mixed feelings about Christmas since it makes me feel joyful and extremely sad at the same time. My daughter made this year special for me by helping out with everything! Christmas is way more exciting with a… Continue reading Christmas With A Six Year Old During The Pandemic

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Happy Quarantine Birthday to My Little Princess

Happy birthday to my little princess! I can’t believe you’re 6 years old today. Where did the time go? You’re growing up too fast. It still feels like you were just born yesterday. But no … you’re 6! Look, I know this year is different and a party isn’t happening this year. I wish I… Continue reading Happy Quarantine Birthday to My Little Princess


Our Halloween During The Pandemic

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween … during the pandemic. Halloween is a favorite holiday in my house. My daughter and I love it so much. During the Covid breakout, Halloween plans are unpredictable. The numbers are rising in my state once again. Our Halloween during the pandemic wasn’t like we… Continue reading Our Halloween During The Pandemic


The Lorax Got Me Thinking About The Pandemic

My daughter and I watched “The Lorax” today for my mom’s birthday. “The Lorax” used to be one of my favorite books growing up. I made my mom read the book so many times. I decided around lunch I want to watch the movie in honor of my mom. Also, my daughter saw part of… Continue reading The Lorax Got Me Thinking About The Pandemic