A Letter to My Mom And Myself On Mother’s Day

My heart feels heavy today. I miss you so much, mom. I wish I didn’t have to be motherless on Mother’s Day. The pain is unreal. I hate seeing all the Mother’s Day posts popping up on my newsfeed. I’m feeling jealous of everyone with a mom still alive. I thought writing a special post…

Three Going On Thirteen

Three is such a weird age. I don’t know if I have a toddler or teenager more than half of the time. My daughter still needs me, but yet acts like she’s miss independent. She’s basically three going on thirteen. My daughter has the thirteen year old attitude down packed already. She talks back when…

Me Time Keeps Me Sane During The Mom Life

I look forward to mommy and wine time. Judge me all you want but sometimes being a mom is so stressful. It’s like you love your child so much, but sometimes they get under your skin and you just need alone time. Is that okay? Honestly, I’m not really sure. But for me, I need…

20 Things I Love About My Threeanger

Three years old isn’t all bad. It’s actually pretty incredible because of all the things your threeanger has overcome and learned. 1) I love being about have conversations with my daughter. 2) I love how independent has finally come. 3) I love how I’m still needed. 4) I love how my daughter can dress herself….

60 Kids Shows That Annoy The Heck Out Of Parents

I swear the writers of Nick Jr, Nickeldeon, Disney Jr, Disney, and Sprout make shows annoying on purpose. It’s like they want kids to crazy their parents insane. But the sad reality is we can’t escape annoyance even when the tv is off because of smartphones and tablets. The internet brings Kid YouTube and Netflix….